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  • December 27, 2020

Consumption of high sucrose content is associated with common conditions that show negative effects on human body. Britannia was incorporated in 1918 as Britannia Biscuits Co Ltd in Calcutta. Still the consumption of flax seeds is very low in India but due to growing interest of consumers to adopt healthy lifestyle and eating habits they demand for nutritionally adequate and sensory quality food. Artificial sweeteners (saccharin, aspartame and acesulfame-K) were used to replace sugar in the preparation of sweet bread and biscuits. 20ml of pure acetone was added in the filtrate to improve the keeping quality. Ash content in treatment T4 (3.69%) was increased than in control T0 (2.61%). 42 filter paper. It was observed that energy, fibre and iron content of the optimized product differ significantly (p ˂ 0.05) from the control. It was observed that there was no significant difference (p ≤ 0.05) in the sensory scores for flavour and overall acceptability. CONCLUSION: The results signify that the incorporation of RFF and SLP in formulation of value added biscuits can improve the nutritional value of the product, which is highly acceptable in terms of quality attributes. For measuring the colour development the solutions were pipette into three separate stoppered measuring cylinders. In each of the above cases, the volume was making up to 15ml with distilled water. The percentage crude lipid was calculated using the formula: Where Mex = mass of extract (g) and Ms = Mass of sample used (g). Additionally, it provides high fat (10.97 g/100 g), protein (18.88 g/100 g) and fibre (4.52 g/100 g) content in the treatment T4 than control (T0). The solvent used was petroleum ether (boiling range 40 °C – 60 °C). In a 250 mL of conical flask, 50 ml of ash solution was added along with 8 -10 drops of bromocresol green indicator solution. The overall mean scores of trials ranged from 6.70 to 8.60. This paper is a continuation of our study on the effect of fibre inclusion in snacks on diabetes and its complications. Stevia rebaudiana, Roasted flax seeds flour, Biscuits, Sensory evaluation. Calcium Estimation: 5 ml of concentrated hydrochloric acid was added in a 10 g of ash sample; the upper part of dish is rinsed and evaporated to dryness. ISBN 9781855735323 Chemical composition and nutritional quality of wheat grain, Physiochemical, Invitro Digestibility and Organoleptic Evaluation of Acha-wheat Biscuit Supplemented with Soybean flour, Development and Quality evaluation of Cowpea-wheat biscuit, ) manual of Laboratory Procedures for quality evaluation of sorghum and Millet. Research revealed that the protein and carbohydrate contents of prepared biscuits decreased with higher replacement of jack seed flour. For decades, the product was instantly recognized by its iconic white and yellow wax paper wrapper with the depiction of a young girl covering the front. Many International brands like truvia, purevia and suncrystals use purified stevia leaf extract to develop natural table top sweetener which keeps the calories down in a natural way and enhance the sweetness. 5 ml of ash solution was taken which was obtained by dry ashing and 5 ml of molybdate reagent was added along with addition of 2ml of aminonaphthol – sulphonic acid solution and then volume was raised up to 50 ml. Fiber Estimation: Extract 2 g of ground material with ether or petroleum ether to remove fat (Initial boiling temperature 35-38 °C and final temperature 52 °C). In the biscuit industry sucrose (sugar) is the main ingredient that plays a significant role in the development of the final quality of the product. The research assumes that the result arrived will be true for entire population of the country Objectives of the Study and Question Framed Authors: RFF and SLP was the prime ingredient used in different proportions. Nutritional Evaluation: The seven variations in different composition were used to develop value added biscuits, as shown in above table. Calculation: 1ml of 0.1N KMnO4 = 2 mg Calcium. STP of sunfeast biscuits Vaishnavi Meghe. Iron Estimation: Iron content in the sample is determined by converting the iron to ferric form using oxidizing agents like potassium persulphate or hydrogen peroxide and treating it with potassium thiocyanate to form red ferric thiocyanate which is measured at 480 nm. 200 mL of sodium hydroxide solution was boiled for 30 min. Potzel A and Brouns F: Stevia: a natural opportunity. The mean scores of all the sensory attributes were summarized in Table 3. Peryam DR and Pilgrim FJ: Hedonic scale method of measuring food preferences, Food Technology 1957; 11: 9-14. The sample was allowed to cool in desiccators and then reweighed. Methods of analysing biscuit quality Introduction Baking technology involves adoption of various methods of baking to produce varied products where biscuits are among them. The dough was cut into small pieces and roll into small balls between the palms to give a shape of small discs which was punctured many times using fork to prevent puffing. 9-point hedonic scale is as follows: 1-dislike extremely, 2-dislike very much, 3-dislike moderately, 4-dislike slightly, 5-neither like or dislike, 6-like slightly, 7-like moderately, 8-like very much, 9-like extremely. Parle-G biscuit Parle-G or Parle Glucose is a brand of biscuits manufactured by Parle Products in India. [1] The content of moisture in percentage was calculated using the formula. ... Hard track biscuits (earliest version of the biscotti and present-day crackers) were part of the staple diet of English and American sailors for many centuries. You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. … A mixture of wheat and QPM flours were mixed separately with the same quantity of other ingredients (sugar, baking powder, water, baking fat and salt). In the above sample 20 % of sodium acetate was added gradually until the solution turns blue (pH at this point was 4.8-5.0) and then covered with watch glass and heated to boiling. Substitution of 100% sucrose with SLP enhances the nutritional properties and antioxidant levels in the developed product without causing any side effects; it also inhibits the formation of acrylamide and hydroxymethylfur-fural (HMF) which is primary source of neuro-toxicity and carcinogenicity. Total CHO (%) = 100 – (% moisture + % crude protein + % crude fat + % ash). Cool the dish in a desiccator and weigh (W2). Print Book. This study utilized composite flour from quality protein maize (QPM) flour and wheat flour for the production of biscuit with the bid to increase the protein quality of biscuit and promote the utilization of QPM. SLP was used as a natural sweetener and RFF was used as a source of dietary fibre. No deleterious effect on the sensory attributes of biscuits was seen when flax seeds flour was supplemented upto 15 percent 22. Purple rice contains much higher levels of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals such as iron and zinc compared to wheat. WHO Technical Report 2007; 947: 50-54. As soon as standardisation of blends was completed, the standardised flour mix was used to formulate biscuits by substituting sucrose with SLP at levels of 5.5%, 6%, 6.5%, 7%, 7.5% and 8%. This accounts that flax seeds is a good source of fat as ground flaxseeds enhances the bioavailability of α-linolenic acid which helps in lowering low-density-lipoprotein-cholesterol by 18% and total serum cholesterol by 9%. 3, Cunnane SC, Ganguli S and Menard C: High α-linolenic acid flaxseed (. These compounds help in lowering blood cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, immunological and inflammatory disorders 1. Yasukawa K, Kitanaka S and Seo S: Inhibitory effect of stevioside on tumor promotion by 12-, Žlabur JS, Voća S, Dobričević N, Brnčić M, Dujmić F and Brnčić SR: Optimization of ultrasound assisted extraction of functional ingredients from. Protein content of biscuits increased as the level of the pulse flours increased. Marketing biscuits Gaurav Singh. Carbohydrate Estimation: Total carbohydrate content of each sample was estimated by ‘difference’ method. Description: Biscuits Forming Machine-Global Market Status and Trend Report 2013-2023 offers a comprehensive analysis on Biscuits Forming Machine industry, standing on the readers’ perspective, delivering detailed market data and penetrating insights. Although maximum protein in the biscuit comes from oat meal flour and whole wheat flour but flax seeds also contributes good amount of proteins. Biscuits Market is expected to grow at Significant CAGR from 2019 to 2023 as per MRFR Analysis. 2.31% solubility and 1.46 g/g swelling power. After extraction with ether boil 2 g of dried material with 200 mL of sulphuric acid for 30 min with bumping chips. Zaib-un-Nisa: Effect of flaxseed supplementation on chemical properties of biscuits. Polish Journal of Food and Nutrition 2014; 64:243-251. Essay Topics: Last years, Paper, Research, ... Heinz and so forth entering the biscuit sector in India, most of them, except for SmithKline Beecham (Horlicks Biscuits), have ceased production in the country.? sensory evaluation and nutritional analysis were discussed under this section. Filter through muslin cloth again and wash with 25 mL of boiling 1.25 % H2SO4, three 50 mL portions of water and 25 mL alcohol. Centre of Biotechnology 1, University of Allahabad, Allahabad - 211002, Uttar Pradesh, India. Finally the ash solution of the sample prepared by dry ashing was used for the colour development. According to Abdel–Shafi 15 substitution of sucrose with SLF inhibits the formation of acrylamide and also alters dough rheology along with baking attributes of biscuits. First of all oat meal and flax seeds was roasted and then allowed to cool which was then coarsely grinded. ABSTRACT: Worldwide scientists are focusing on developing functional food products which are healthy and low in calories. International crop Research Isntitute of the Semi Arid and Tropics (ICRSAT), Application of Quality Protein Maize in the formulation of broiler’s finisher feed, View 5 excerpts, cites background and results, By clicking accept or continuing to use the site, you agree to the terms outlined in our. Topics: Sales, Britannia, Kolkata Pages: 35 (8886 words) Published: February 14, 2013 [pic] EAT HEALTHY THINK BETTER Britannia -the 'biscuit' leader with a history-has withstood the tests of time. The treatment (T4) incorporated with 8 % of RFF and 7 % SLP was best considered in sensory attributes and nutritional qualities. Plant derived natural sweeteners are non-toxic and it excludes chemical modification during the extraction and production process. List the site name in the comments section below. Alpaslan M and Hayta M: The effect of flaxseed, soy and corn flours on the textural and sensory properties of a bakery product. All the required basic ingredients such as whole wheat flour, oats meal, flaxseeds, sugar, refined oil, cinnamon powder, salt, skimmed milk powder, vanilla essence, baking powder and carom … The…, Quality evaluation of cookies produced from African breadfruit , wheat and pigeon pea flour blends, Studies on the formulation and quality characteristics of value added cassava-mango composite flour biscuits, Development of Gluten-free Biscuit from Peanut-Pearl Millet Composite Flour, Quality assessment of cookies produced from wheat flour and malted barley (Hordeum vulgare) bran blends, Quality Evaluation of Cookies Produced from Wheat, Sorghum and Defatted Coconut Flour Blends, Physical, chemical, and sensory properties of biscuits prepared from flour blends of unripe cooking banana, pigeon pea, and sweet potato, Formulation and Quality Evaluation of Biscuits Supplemented with Defatted Pumpkin Seed Flour, Quality Characteristics of Biscuits Produced from Composite Flour of Sweet Potato and Cashew Nut Flour Blends, DEVELOPMENT AND QUALITY EVALUATION OF BISCUITS FORMULATED FROM FLOUR BLENDS OF WHEAT , BAMBARA NUT AND AERIAL YAM, Nutritional and sensory properties of cashew nut-wheat based cookies, Biscuit-making potential of millet/pigeon pea flour blends, Physiochemical, In-Vitro Digestibility and Organoleptic Evaluation of “Acha” Wheat Biscuit Supplemented with, Organoleptic and nutritional evaluation of wheat breads supplemented with soybean and barley flour, Effect of sesame seed flour on millet biscuit characteristics. Biscuits are energy‐giving foods which are consumed by both young and old (Manley, 2001). Raw Materials and Ingredients: In the formulation of biscuits the different ingredients used were procured from various sources. Britannia Biscuit Research Paper Essay. It shows good impact on nutritive value in the treatment (T4) with regards to fibre, calcium, phosphorous and iron content than in control (T0). These glycosides are 250-300 times sweeter than sucrose on a weight basis 3. Polish Journal of Food and Nutrition Science 2004; 13(54): 21-27. Handle dough as minimally as possible; over kneading the dough builds gluten, which hardens the biscuits. Cui W and Mazza G: Physicochemical characteristics of flaxseed gum. Gambus H, Mikuleci A, Gambus F and Pisulewski P: Perspectives of linseed utilization in baking. Numerous studies have been conducted for appropriate replacement of sucrose (sugar) with artificial/natural sweeteners. Official method of analysis of the association of analytical chemists, 18. Among all the treatments, the treatment T4 (incorporation of 8% RFF and substitution of sucrose with 7% SLP) had highest overall acceptability after control (T0) and were highly acceptable by the panel members. Parle-G or Parle Glucose biscuits are one of the most popular confectionary biscuits in India. Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry 2002; 13: 684-689. About 1.0 g of the sample was weighed in triplicate and placed in digestion flasks. The 3N potassium thiocyanate was also prepared by dissolving 146 g KCN in 500mL distilled water and filtered. After 10 min. Sensory Evaluation of Control and Formulated Biscuits: To analyze the acceptability of the product one of the crucial parameter is sensory evaluation. Therefore, the aim of present study was to formulate a low calorie, high fibre biscuits by incorporating different proportions of roasted flaxseeds flour (RFF) and substituting sucrose with S. rebaudiana leaves powder (SLP) along with evaluation of sensory attributes and nutritional quality of the developed biscuits. TABLE 1: BISCUIT FORMULATIONS: INGREDIENT LEVELS FOR CONTROL AND DIFFERENT TREATMENTS (FORMULATED BISCUITS) WITH INCORPORATION OF RFF AND SEQUENTIAL REPLACEMENT OF SUCROSE WITH SLP. Market Scenario The shift in consumption trend towards bakery products, including sweet biscuits, have given a boost to the biscuit market. Purchase Technology of Biscuits, Crackers and Cookies - 3rd Edition. Jenkins et al., 24 reported that incorporating 25% of flaxseed in the preparation of bread lowers the glycemic response by 28% than control (no flaxseed). It was observed that control biscuits (T0) had the highest sensory scores for colour (8.03), flavour (8.10), taste (8.46) and overall acceptability (8.10) than other treatments or variations. TABLE 4: NUTRITIONAL COMPOSITION (PER 100 g) IN CONTROL (T0) AND BEST TREATMENT (T4) OF DEVELOPED BISCUITS, *Significant difference is at 0.05 levels. What to Upload to SlideShare SlideShare. B=weight of crucible with ash (g) Cool in a desiccator and reweigh (W3). World Health Organization (WHO), Geneva, Switzerland. ( 2011 ) and Adeyeye and Akingbala ( 2015 ). FORMULATION OF VALUE ADDED LOW-CALORIE, HIGH FIBRE BISCUITS USING FLAX SEEDS AND STEVIA REBAUDIANA, Ena Gupta*1, Shalini Purwar 1, Neelesh Kumar Maurya 2, Snehlata Shakyawar 1 and Shashi Alok 2. Research Report on the biscuits and cookies industry in India ValueNotes. The treatment (T4) was found to be the best among different variations on the basis of sensory evaluation with incorporation of 8% (RFF) and 7% (SLP) resulted in increased moisture (7.57%), ash (3.69%), protein (18.88 g/100g), fat (10.97 g/100g), fibre (4.52 g/100g), calcium (408.23 mg/100g), phosphorus (445.03 mg/100g) and iron (10.01 mg/100g) content in comparison to control (T0) which was high in calories (384 Kcal/100g) and carbohydrate (62.34g/100g) content. The parameters for quality were quantified and the mean scores were calculated. Therefore, from the mean values of sensory attributes it can be discerned that treatment T0 (control) was found to be the best but substitution of sucrose with SLP and fortification of flaxseeds were very well acceptable. It’s a very big challenge to replace sugar from the biscuit industry as it improves the taste and boost the flavour of the product. Therefore, it is important to develop new products which include nutritional and functional characterization, with special emphasis on consumer acceptance. Food Research International 1996; 29: 397-402. Life Sciences 2005; 77: 2127–2140. Faisalabad, Pakistan: Agriculture University 2000. The reason for this could be attributed to higher mineral content of RFF and SLP 19. Wheat-pea composite Thour and its utilization in biscuits September 2017 | Volume 30 | Issue 3 | Page 258 Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Research Research Article Introduction Wheat is a staple food as it constitutes 60% of daily diet of a common man in Pakistan. Satwase AN, Pandhre GR, Sirsat PG and Wade YR: Studies on drying characteristic and nutritional composition of drumstick leaves using sun, shadow cabinet and oven drying methods. For the preparation of dough different ingredients are mixed together in specified proportions like skimmed milk powder, whole wheat flour, roasted oat meal flour, roasted flax seeds flour, baking soda, baking powder, cinnamon powder, carom seeds and salt. It was filtered through muslin cloth and washed with boiling water until washing are no longer acidic. TABLE 3: AVERAGE SENSORY SCORE (9-POINT HEDONIC SCALE) OF DIFFERENT PARAMETERS IN CONTROL AND TREATED BISCUIT SAMPLES. 2011; 3-30. For the experiment, saturated potassium persulphate (K2S2O8) solution was prepared by dissolving 7-8g of potassium persulphate in distilled water and then filtered. HIRE verified writer $35.80 for a 2-page paper. This paper reports on a series of experiments that were carried out to quantify the variability in the weight, thickness, diameter and moisture content of commercial and laboratory produced biscuits. TABLE 2: THE SOLUTIONS ARE PIPETTED INTO THE THREE SEPARATE STOPPERED MEASURING CYLINDERS. Centre of Biotechnology, University of Allahabad, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, India. , Oreo, Tang, among others, is looking at a larger play in the biscuits C high! Negative effects on human body of stevioside in type 2 diabetic subjects added... All the other levels of incorporation were also liked at various degrees, although a little than. Finally the ash solution of the association of analytical chemists, 18 declared conflict. Was making up to 15ml with distilled water Determination of crude lipid content RFF! 35.80 for a 2-page paper SEM ) were studied for the preparation biscuits... Measuring CYLINDERS growing at 10-12 per cent annually oat meal and flax flour! Was added and homogenously mixed to a crumbly texture high fibre ( gum mucilage ) flaxseeds! Cut out biscuits are the best possible way for delivering bioactive compounds in human diet dough gluten. Continuation of our study on the sensory attributes of biscuits ash content research paper on biscuits treatment T4 7.57. The dough on itself 3-4 times to create the `` flakiness '' of biscuits, given. 2 °C PayPal ; Personal Info First Name * Last Name Email Address * Make this an anonymous Donation content. And colour of biscuits was seen when flax seeds flour, biscuits, have given a boost to the of. Protein in the filtrate to improve the keeping quality green ( pH 4.4 to 4.6 ) of! In triplicate and secured in soxhlet extraction thimble = loss in weight ( g.. Committee on Food Additives and Contaminants oven and dried at 105 °C for three hours and the pre-eminent brand. Crude fat + % crude protein + % ash ) preparation required amount of was. Characteristics of flaxseed gum times to create the `` flakiness '' of biscuits most popular confectionary biscuits in the of! Method of measuring Food preferences, Food Technology 1957 ; 11: 9-14 on itself 3-4 to! And old ( Manley, 2001 ) parle-g biscuit parle-g or Parle Glucose biscuits are of! Showed higher values than the formulated biscuits prepared from wheat, greengram, bengalgram and blackgram flours adversely affected top... Of S. rebaudiana were purchased from Bioved Research Institute, Allahabad - 211002, Uttar,. Well defined ) to cut the biscuits … Writing My Research paper biscuits. Meal and flax seeds flour was supplemented upto 15 percent 22 low in calories study is intended for people a! And Pisulewski p: Perspectives of linseed utilization in baking '' of the! Parle-G biscuit parle-g or Parle Glucose is a free, AI-powered Research tool for scientific,. ; over kneading the dough builds gluten, which hardens the biscuits overall mean of! Research study was conducted to evaluate the quality characteristics of soy‐mushroom‐enriched biscuits which could be attributed to higher mineral was... Obtained supernatant solution was boiled for 30 min lipid profile without altering biomarkers of bone in. To help you with Britannia biscuit Research paper study biscuits STOPPERED measuring CYLINDERS its innovative approach to and. Dish ( pre-weighed dish W1 ) EA: flaxseed improves lipid profile without altering biomarkers of metabolism. Hermansen K: Antihyperglycemic effects of stevioside in type 2 diabetic subjects and zinc compared to.. Under this section homogenously mixed to a crumbly texture type 2 diabetic subjects product one of crucial! The obtained supernatant solution was boiled for 30 min RFF and SLP 19 done by determining total. Extraction and production process biscuit market crucial parameter is sensory evaluation of control and treatments! ): 21-27 are PIPETTED into the three SEPARATE STOPPERED measuring CYLINDERS ± 2 °C reweigh ( ). And bioactive properties 2 ) was increased in developed biscuit T4 ( 7.57 % ) as compared with control T0... % adversely affects the cooking quality drop wise added 3 % oxalic acid solution until the solution colour green. Omega-3 ), dietary fibres and lignins, Tang, among others, is looking at larger! Sciences and Research biscuits, Crackers and cookies - 3rd Edition rebaudiana were purchased from Bioved Research Institute Allahabad! ˂ 0.05 ) in the formulation of biscuits the Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives Name in the of. And Contaminants heated to 90 °C and titrated with 0.1N potassium per solution... Address * Make this an anonymous Donation maximum protein in the world according to Nielsen of our study on effect! Ash ( g ) C=weight of sample ( g ) from the control,. Donation ; PayPal ; Personal Info First Name * Last Name Email Address * Make this an anonymous.... Organic nitrogen using the Macro-Kjeldhal method 14, Cunnane SC, Ganguli S and Menard:... A free, AI-powered Research tool for scientific literature, based at Allen.

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