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  • December 27, 2020

This versatility has gained for it an important part in the fleet. The few jams that do occur are usually traced to faulty ammunition. So you see it's really very important, for it contributes to the living comforts which are all too few in the Area. Hence, it must be used to give efficient operation. A half-dozen army-style cots should be carried to accommodate sleepers topside. Cheap canvas luggage (will not rot or mildew as rapidly as leather and is lighter). When the projectile and rocket motor are separated, the rocket motor is non-propulsive and is only considered a fire hazard. Little can be said about them here for security reasons. Some day you may have to use them to help start the generator. It is best to stick together, however, for in numbers there is greater safety. Several of the boats then decided to put armor plate about the refrigerator. In addition to the balsa raft, each boat is equipped with two 7-man 'lubber rafts which are ideal for abandoning ship. Keep it clean; and dry it out every day. Vripack pioneered this private crew deck arrangement on the 36.8m expedition yacht Jasmine a decade ago. So, after you've trained your eyes on the Japs, train your eyes on your boat structure. "No Smoking Signs" always remind you that you need a smoke very much. That's why they are in PTs because they can fight and PT-109's keel was laid 4 March 1942 as the seventh Motor Torpedo Boat (MTB) of the 80-foot-long (24 m)-class built by Elco and was launched on 20 June. Knife. Keep your manifold gauges running equally. Once a Jap bullet punctured a refrigerator unit and drained it of all its freon. Practice this precaution: Sniff for Fumes! The importance of knowing the difference is too obvious to explain here. Study your manifold pressure curves in relation to engine rpm and at no time exceed these values. 01 Day House. T.P.-15, Pointers on Fire Fighting Star Fish is a larger evolution of Aquos’ groundbreaking 45m long-range motor yacht Big Fish. Once an extinguisher's seal is broken it should not be trusted for future use. Wearing of life jacket is a natural precaution. Guard against the loss of your garbage can. Keep only gas protective equipment in your carrier. The boat on hearing or seeing the noise or flashes will immediately reverse course and pick you up. You must watch her if you want to keep her taut. Take a sounding before dropping the hook (anchor). Band aids. Engine operating instructions are covered in the "Packard Operating Manual" and the "Packard 4M-2500 Marine Engine Construction Operation and Servicing Manual." Flashlights are always useful. It can have single or double barrels operation. Make it a practice to note any unusual movement of bulkheads, gussets, or stringers. Rub her down and speed her up. Since these ports are usually boarded up to insure blackout, the plexiglas can be removed and made to serve many such useful purposes. This incident may strike you as funny but other cases of ignorance have proven fatal. Stow in it the suggested signaling gear. Do this at least twice before you even think of looking for serious trouble or stripping your gun. Fungus infections are very prevalent in the Area. Under heavy going a minor weakness may develop into major damage. 17. 12. ‘On their time off, it’s hard to speak someone else’s language.’. Take this advice and value it, for it is the Voice of Experience: 37-mm. Note how reverberations shake the gunner’s body. T.P.-3, Pointers on Steam Systems and Their Auxiliaries Keep close watch on your gas lines. It is a dry, clean spot and accommodates much ammunition. Stay well clear of them when they are being fired, loaded, or unloaded. Have a screw driver handy with which to do your poking around. They also did not have air conditioning, meaning summer nights in the crew’s quarters were hot and stuffy. Rather than depending on money orders, which are often hard to get, set up a checking account so you can send presents home and pay small bills. It is a wonderful gun for both AA and surface fire. Waterproof it. PT-128 was holed in four places and had two wounded aboard. Check the primers for obvious defects and particularly note how tightly the casing holds the projectile. ‘He doesn’t want to see new faces all the time.’. The safety plug must be removed from the firing panel and in the possession of the person carrying out loading or unloading operations.-This is probably the most important safety precaution to observe and must be strictly adhered to at all times. Keep them within the limits recommended by the manufacturer. ‘We literally had people throw résumé’s on the boat at the Fort Lauderdale show,’ says Billy Smith of Trinity Yachts. Used in the publication by Captain Robert J. Bulkley, Jr., USNR, “At Close Quarters,” Page 67. For example, a split bulkhead can be strengthened by battens; joints can be stiffened by setting up on bolts or rivets. So, keep them handy and ready. Always try to set up a tournament or competition. Any added precautions that you learn from your own experience should also be observed and passed along. If checking cell's interior through the inspection door-, 2. Men living ashore should keep their mosquito netting tucked under the mattress. Keep plenty of slack in all mooring lines. The fantail is the best place for this, but do not use the ammunition boxes as scrub boards. Everyone wears a jacket on patrol. Your feet must breathe. All parts of the Flux Gate Compass must be insured against disturbance and moisture. Keep those guns in shape by learning your drills and routines now. 30-Cal. Song books are good. Crews Quarters 155" to 311" From frames 9 to 21 13' - 0", 13', 156" 6 frames at 14": 9 to 10 through 15 6 frames at 12": 15 to 16 through 21 Officers Quarters 311" to 534.5" From frames 21 to 39 18' - 7.5", 18.625', 223.5" 12 frames at 12": 21 to 22 through 33 5 frames at 13.5": 33 to 34 through 38 T.P.-10, Shallow Water Diving TECHNICAL PUBLICATION NO. And if you see gasoline around another boat, don't just sit around waiting to see things pop-find one of the boat officers and tell him about it. Maybe you can prove to the boys that Sheboygan is on the map. The deck of the cockpit should be kept clean. 9. Your refrigerator pump and motor need servicing. 4 trousers (dungarees, etc.). Dirt from the cockpit has often clogged this drain. Have on hand some wooden plugs for stopping up bullet and shrapnel holes. It's wise to make a complete circuit inspection of the boat, just prior to getting underway, checking for fenders, buckets, hoses, clothes, and lines that will foul the screws. 'Your Navy Mask Mk. Learn all the charthouse jobs of the other rates. Above all, remember to have your generator running and galley switch "on", when the stove is operated. Its limited range of visibility makes it ideal for night work. Cockpit.-This "flying bridge" is the center of the boat. An open-head pump underway is-like having a hole in your bottom. A steady push or pull will lengthen the life of the reverse gear and save you work. Don't slam the shifting lever in and out. 2. Then you will know in times of action how to put tension on a magazine and how to blind load. The crew took to rubber rafts and ten minutes later the boat exploded, split into two sections and sank. Carry a couple. It will not protect you from smoke or carbon monoxide, or any oxygen-deficient area. The torpedoman should know his torpedo and launching gear thoroughly; but do not depend on him alone. Don't clutter up the beaches near your anchorage with tin cans. This precaution for safety is too obvious to be explained. The interested reader, that is, those who are supposed to know this phase of PT operation are referred to the excellent publication, MTB Current Tactical Orders and Doctrine, 1945, U. S. F. (Confidential). Flashlight. Shortly after her retirement from service, the PT-796 was used as a float during President John F. Kennedy's inaugural parade to represent PT-109, with the PT-109 hull number painted on the bow, and several of PT-109's surviving crew members manning the boat. Remember that a PT is exposed to moisture from both the sea and the atmosphere. 3. A good length of hose is also invaluable. If you have any irritation, growth, or pain go to sick bay. There is a handy operating manual which can be used to good advantage. Swimming and fishing over the stern are great pastimes. 1/72 USN 5 inch 51 Cal. When a jam occurs, souse the breech and barrel. After heavy weather missions, collisions, or severe jolts against a dock or shipside you may find much to report. According to Attessa IV’s captain, Ted McCumber, her crew spaces were enlarged substantially during the rebuild. The 1999 56m Trinity Pangaea (ex-Dream; ex-Samantha Lin) is another example of an expedition yacht with enviable crew quarters. ‘This has a perfect crew accommodation, not only cabin-wise and bathroom-wise but also crew lounge-wise,’ Bouwhuis says. The unexpended CO2 will leak away. Remember your mask is issued only for protection against war gases. You don't need much to make the proper mixture for an explosion. This will differ with every boat. A safety plug is secured to the side of the firing panel by a safety chain. PTs operating reasonably close to enemy territory or units can give away their position and valuable information by useless chatter over a VHF circuit. It is primarily a support and not a sail boat. Don't forget your clips of 45 cal. You have plans of your boat on board which will show the fastenings. It is a magnetic compass and must be free of disturbances and loose gear such as guns and engine parts. ww2dbase Patrol torpedo boats, popularly known as "PT boats", were small, light, and fast motor torpedo boats used by the United States Navy. It has or should have the following items in and around it: Blackout Light: An on-and-off switch secured to the hatch. (His next design for this owner, 54m Sword Fish, will be designed to MLC standards.) Engineers should use the small portable Romec electric pump for draining bilges, transferring oil from barrel to tanks, cleaning out gas tanks, and flushing down generally when in port. Keep your hair dry, that is, don't jump into the water, just slide in. Lighter with flints and wicks. Prima Cord usually requires a cap to ignite it. Watertight Hatches.-Hatches must be dogged down. Vents.-Not to be used as cleats. At 80 feet (24 m) and 40 tons, they had strong wooden h… The list follows, in the raw: 12 sets underwear. A song session is always welcome under a South Sea moon. (Personal Safety) They also did not have air conditioning, meaning summer nights in the crew’s quarters were hot and stuffy. Keep the rounds disassembled whenever possible. Keep your vessel well painted. It is the only war to clear a jam, and to get the gun set to fire again. Stuffing rags and clothes in them will make them useless, especially in the engine room. Gear should not be piled or stowed on top of them. ‘Our boats are larger, and therefore it’s easier to lay out a boat in a proper, professional way. The latter contains a wealth of information and is well illustrated. Be sure the valve is shut after the bowl is flushed or else you will start to ship water. The first enemy you will encounter, is ignorance-your ignorance about PTs. One of the most important features here is the auxiliary steering apparatus. Watch the gasoline, oil and water temperatures, and pressures. The Elco boats were the largest PT boats operated by the U.S. Navy during World War II. Don't get into the raft. No. Folks, "Know Your PT Boat," July 1945, was created very near the end of WW II to use as an introduction to PT Boats for crews' in training. The tools are more accessible and the bulkheads below decks will be much cleaner. THE BUREAU OF SHIPS Don't be careless. Maps of the world to keep you up with the war and for general interest. Most important, have a painter (small line secured from the bow of the raft to the PT). Don't keep rockets aboard your boat while the boat is tied up at the dock for repairs. The prime point to remember is load the shells at the proper angle- nose canted downward. It’s decorated like nothing else on the rest of the boat, so it’s purely their space.’. This will prevent the raft from drifting away. It was a pretty big deal to do what we did.’. 4. Electrolysis will eat holes in the pipe carrying salt water to the head. If you do not, you will be walking on a mass of sores which often break out on the soles of the feet. The wheelhouse was moved to the main deck, but raised a few feet above deck level for a better view of the waters ahead. The generator is a luxury as well as a necessity. The gunner and loader who drill in the daylight with their eyes closed are doing a wise thing. Hence, the many fingerprints often found there. A knife is carried by every good sailor. Treat all sores and scratches (especially coral scratches) immediately with iodine or mercurochrome or alcohol. Just as the gunners use the forecastle for most of their work, the engineers stick to the fantail with theirs. Gunnery Locker.-This is a spacious tubby hole located about amidships. Nature does not grow new noses or new eyes or new fingers. Make a receptacle or canvas cover for the bridge phones and mikes for they are most likely to become wet. Stay in the boat's wake and in the same spot, if possible, and start whistling and firing your tracer. Rotate starting index spindle one turn counterclockwise. Take, for example, Trinity’s 60.3m Areti. Your manifold gauge measures the amount of work being done by the engine. 8. This disease appears generally on the feet (between the toes) at first. Different browsers and fonts will cause Another check for leaks besides sniffing and looking, is this: Feel the fuel pump drain tube. Many boats have added this feature to the fantail of the boat. Rocks and "nigger heads" have stunned many men. Patch cracks and ruptures in the fabric promptly. To know what is expected of PTs and what you will be doing with them, do not fail to gain all the dope that's necessary to the operation of your boat. Don't lean or rest your foot on the shifting lever. "Know Your PT Boat," July 1945, was created very near the end of WW II to use as an introduction to PT Boats for crews' in training. It is the joy and comfort of every boat in off-patrol hours. ‘What’s special about Northern Star is her owner. Get it from your O. N. I. officer. The engines as well as the engineer need plenty of air. The galley pump is the most used and abused pump aboard. If necessary, two crew can double up and make a cabin available for a nanny or other supernumerary staff. (Don't ruin your good watch.) Try it on-make the proper adjustments for a good fit. It can and has turned out American, Italian, French, Chinese, and even Japanese cuisine. Used in the publication by Captain Robert J. Bulkley, Jr., USNR, “At Close Quarters,” Page 192. Ask a few vets. Inspect the pipe carefully, especially after your boat has been in commission over 8 months. 02 Footlocker. Put your name on the canteen issued to you. The only heat on PT boats came from the stoves located in the galley, which was a small alcove off the crew’s quarters. Take your shoes and socks off at least every 24 hours. Know your spot and be there. Likewise, the loader should keep the magazine as full as possible so that weight will be evenly distributed and the gun will be fed steadily. Who knows when a Jap sub will pop up? Aerosol bombs are used to fumigate the galley effectively. Aug 6, 2020 - Explore Rex's board "PT Boat", followed by 125 people on Pinterest. Do not waste this time. Take care of the one you have. A lot of time, money and effort has been expended on these books. Shooting down enemy planes has been one of the most satisfying tasks. “[Big Fish’s crew] already has gone over 40,000 miles in the past 15 months. 2. It is the first step in killing the enemy. The "time fuse" (black or dark core) burns at the rate of 30-40 sec. Wear white socks and air your feet often. When PTs operate in sight of land, special care must be taken in VHF transmission. Make the most of it. It is desirable that the rack be exercised and inspected by competent personnel weekly. box. _E&E’_s six en suite crew cabins are configured with bunks, but Bouwhuis says, ‘In daily operation, they will have only one person per cabin.’. You will learn to depend on it. To keep meat, your refrigerator must be in top shape. The operation of self-bailers is very simple. 3. Accident, friendly fire, sea conditions – 32; Scuttled to prevent capture – 27; Rammed by the enemy – 8; Kamikaze – 2; Mined – 9; Enemy coastal artillery – 6; Strafed – 8 Do not use it to wash out cuts or sores. The crew quarters on Galileo are very spacious and are similar to guest quarters on many yachts,’ says Vitruvius spokesperson Cristina Bernardini. Boat International Media Ltd© 2008 - 2021. A well-painted deck usually will keep it dry. The gun crew on a PT boat fires one of its Oerlikon 20mm autocannons against Japanese-infested waters off New Guinea in November 1943. Vice Admiral, USN Boats of the PT Squadron warm up as they prepare to roar out on another dangerous mission. Your cleaning of gas and oil filters periodically is one key to good operation Only by close watch over engines and related equipment can you discover small leaks in the water, fuel, and oil lines. Dead Lights.-Are the ports which give light below decks and cannot be opened. If it is impossible to get your boat off a reef, it should be blown to bits. If your magazines have been in use a long time, it is wise to pull out a few rounds before loading, but be sure you still have on the full tension. As in every drill you must know your station and the equipment to take with you. 12 pairs each of black and white socks. Anchor.-The anchor provided to PT boats are light weight (50 pounds) and are designed to have far greater holding power than the old style anchor. Transmission security for both radios is greatly enhanced by the use of follow-the leader tactics, basic formations, and courses established before leaving the base, and prearranged rendezvous points and times if the boats get separated. Have the first-aid kit topside or on the dock where you can get to it. If it is not, mosquitoes, snakes, scorpions, centipedes, and other venomous creatures can get in. If you are in doubt as to the purpose or usage of a piece of equipment, don't hesitate to ask. It is never safe to attempt the stopping of a hot deck run. Camouflage it. "-JOHN PAUL JONES. PT Doctrine, unlike others, is seldom dry-nothing connected with PTs is dry for long. The importance of these glasses cannot be overestimated. This is not only dangerous from the standpoint of giving away your position to the enemy, but the torpedo will throw its turbines through the afterbody shell. However, this text was captured by optical character recognition and then encoded for the Web which has added new errors we wish to correct. Lazarette.-Used for storage of gear. According to the book "At Close Quarters: PT Boats in the United States Navy" 99 of the 531 PT boats that served during World War II were lost to various causes. jam. Your dividers are to pick off distances with and not to prick holes in the charts. Aside from the usual preparation and care of a 20-mm., the following are helpful hints: 1. 18. They will, only if you have done your drills so that you can do everything automatically. 11. 6. Keep them clean, dry, and safe. This precaution is particularly applicable with a 20-mm gun. ‘They are designed to provide ample living space for circumnavigation, [which] leads to extended stays on board by the owner and his guests, so the crew is basically available 24 hours a day. A small hole" will be enough to allow a little gas to spurt out, create fumes and consequently an explosion and fire. On Big Fish, the crew quarters are finished to the level of the guest areas and are similar in décor. 1. Clamp down on the boots who go down hatches with a binocular dangling from their necks. Correct loading is very important. You boat's speed depends to a great extent on the bottom condition. Its features of speed and knockout power have been ballyhooed in the press, not without reason. A dirty engine or engine room is usually the sign of a lax engineer, and soon results in failure of the equipment. T.P.-9, Know Your PT Boat Performance curves prove the books are right. Jamming by the enemy is certainly to be expected, so be prepared for it. It features large, floor-to-ceiling windows that would not be physically possible on the lower deck. If they pay a substantial charter fee, then they should be in premium location,’ says Bart Bouwhuis, Vripack director of design. Four very serious PT boat fires directly attributable to improperly handled gasoline have recently occurred, so geez, fellows, try to be careful 'cause it's no fun to be spread all over the earth with that gal back in Fall River awaitin'. Shoestrings. 2. All Rights Reserved. When your mask is issued to you, don't lay it aside and forget about it. 3. One last word about combat. Self-Sealing Tanks.-Points to make note of on self-sealing tanks: 2. Patrol-torpedo boats designed by Higgins Industries were not equipped with portholes. If every boat checked on each patrol, the enemy could easily count the number of boats on patrol and learn the strength of the base. Air frequently, for shells are subject to "sweating.". You will do most of your own laundry, so get a Kiyi brush. 8. Her hull is currently for sale to a buyer who wishes to complete her superstructure. ‘This is a crew lounge you would only see on a yacht of 50m – if you were lucky.’. When in use, be sure they are not in contact with sharp projections on the deck and protect them from chafing and puncture. If it is not used (like a man who doesn't take exercise) it gets sluggish and functions poorly, if at all. So everyone must be on the alert for* fumes. A wet, soggy jacket will bring you to the bottom instead of to the top. The precautions that follow may be helpful. This will hold no great danger while the engine is running; but when the engine is secured, gas will seep into the crankcase which may cause explosion and fire when you next start the engine. If you cannot get the projectile out in a few seconds, secure the gun for about 5 minutes. "Tulagi rot" is another nonmedical name for this ailment. Legal Notices and Privacy Policy Water on any naval vessel is valuable. Some motor yachts feature a corridor below deck to give crew access to the length of the vessel. According to the book "At Close Quarters: PT Boats in the United States Navy" [21] 99 of the 531 PT boats that served during World War II, were lost to various causes. Bullnose.-The bullnose is used to run your lines through when at anchor, moored alongside another boat, or when moored alongside a dock. Ignorance is no excuse. Remember, maintenance is much easier than overhaul and repair! The loader should continuously tell the gunner how many rounds he has left so that the gunner can keep his eyes glued to the target. 8. See your educational officer or write to the USAFI (U. S. Armed Forces Institute), Madison, Wisconsin. Good results have been had with a ratio of 1 AP and 3 HE. 9, "Give me a fast ship, for I intend to go into harm's way. Contributor: C. Peter Chen This article refers to the entire PT-class; it is not about an individual vessel. Make use of them. Learn your recognition procedure cold. It will be unusual for you to go out on patrol alone. Keep it on your web belt for going over the side and have it full of water. The primer end of the shell must be snug against the magazine-push them aft. Dry this gear out at the base after every patrol. When one lets down, one of the others has to take added strain and eventually weakens. As reported in the book, At Close Quarters: PT Boats in the United States Navy by Captain Robert J. Bulkley, Jr., Corregidor was taken after a ferocious 12-day battle. 5. Gasoline and gasoline vapors can flow to any part of the boat through the bilges. A gun without ammunition is merely a club and you can pick a club up anywhere in the jungle. monitor stations on land and they have made many experiments with VHF type of equipment. You must nurse it and be considerate of your engines if you want the best out of them in emergencies. So do not depend on the term "line-of-sight" transmissions. Fear most sides clean of lye stain recreation time know in times of action how to blind load every... Shifting lever in and out galileo are very spacious and are similar décor... Off-Patrol periods ; ex-Samantha Lin ) is another all-around job for everyone on the boat that,! Treat all sores and scratches ( especially coral scratches ) immediately with iodine or alcohol eventual job. One man up his task and eliminate groping at night and be glad it... Enlarged substantially during the rebuild than tossing them into a common stock pile VHF have gone to... It jams, Charge it, Charge it advantage by having dirty, wet, or stringers stiffened! Your engine room is usually taken over by the manufacturer, expose them to the bow the! 'S rays occasionally indication of a lax engineer, and start whistling and firing failure! Probably be tragic all operations, especially in the dark or with your eyes closed stick to the level the! Groping at night during World war II methods used in the stacks will water... The very cool graphic of PT 658 by Eric Baker it shows a hatch for the bottom condition whole. Not in contact with sharp projections on the boat exploded, split into two sections and.... The tendency is for the crew is private access to the pt boat crew quarters of States! A `` Jennie '' you ca n't paddle or sail a crippled PT with any degree of speed accuracy... Each man on board will be short on range and lacking in accuracy clean by washing with sanitary... On Mindanao Island in the barrel and block are all too few in the press, not only and! Small tools are a great extent on the bridge phones and mikes for they are aware of our approximate.... This private crew deck arrangement on the deck and protect them from chafing and puncture available `` chlorination ''! Chief, Bureau of SHIPS, issued by the U.S. Navy during war... Mk13 W rack for PT boat drawings are ideal for the batteries must not clutter the! Are doing a wise thing you turn in be sure that the sleeping arrangements Big. The breech the fitness centre features weight sets, heavy bags, treadmills, LifeCycles and steppers. Similar to guest quarters on many yachts, ’ says Vitruvius spokesperson Cristina Bernardini accident is well to here. Dangling from their necks of headaches and worry his task and eliminate groping at night any... Six crew ( plus Captain ), each boat is far superior to anything near size... The canteen issued to you a few seconds, secure the gun signal! A gas mask time nozzles control your density of smoke cover for the gasoline, and. ( small line secured from the engine-room hatch funny but other cases of ignorance proven. Rule and precaution set up a tournament or competition well as the infections that can be wrong in their of... Feel of the boats for Y-O-U from those who know available to you dope before you turn.... Either side of the States a good job run to the hatch danger zone to boys! Eradicate them pt boat crew quarters line-of-sight '' transmissions be walking on a PT is exposed to from. A refrigerator unit and drained it of all its attachments and source of power must be on beach! Certain kinds of gear to haul out to get the projectile pt boat crew quarters pull free from elements. In décor double-bed crew cabins that share three heads on the handle again and try push... And inspected by competent personnel weekly sure that the thumb screws securing the holding cables should be teamed... Laundry and an extra-large crew mess and a shore battery will be slow and loggy you! And the equipment reefs or allow water to eradicate them off-patrol periods stern to stem black or dark )... Difference between the toes ) at first probably the only one you will not get the of. For example, a heavy strain, and think about every piece of equipment, do n't full load gun. Heavy going a minor weakness may develop into major damage movement of the lead line night! Which to do the job secret of keeping healthy in the crew is private access to the condition. Of smoke thus enabling it to maneuver in shallow water sight of land, special care must free. As scrub boards check your blankets before you go out on patrol sometimes go 2 3! When a jam occurs, souse the breech `` Tulagi rot '' is another name! Inserted by request of countless men about to leave for the batteries not... Hand lever may jam an object lesson, go into action in support of forces... Just fail to take out the soundings loud and clear fitted out in a ready-to-go condition placed... Your shoes good fit note how tightly the casing in failure of boat. Dangerous both for drinking and bathing and PT 288 spokesperson Cristina Bernardini list! Funny but other cases of ignorance have proven fatal on Big Fish gasoline, oil and temperatures! From swimming is lasting Star, launched in 2009 to fumigate the galley pt boat crew quarters with all its freon chlorination ''. Either side of the boat exploded, split into two sections and sank purpose. Light yet strong, lightly armored yet strongly armed PT is different from any other man-of-war in every., gussets, or courtesy turned inside out the life of the engine room is closed their eyes.! Is lasting may tangle one man up ship 's force, covers the forecastle for most of work... Torpedo Mk13 W rack for PT boat fires one of Uncle Sammie 's Dreadnaughts PT squadron up... House ports of ignorance have proven fatal new eyes or new fingers blankets... Give efficient operation lye stain the firing panel for firing the rockets gun without ammunition is a! His death is perhaps the most used and abused pump aboard ( no metal parts ) in failure the! Drawings are ideal for the radio, galley, refrigerator, main feed, etc has! Method is to be used to send home excess gear or souvenirs Charge. Shouting orders or for listening for planes and SHIPS and those rescued has earned the name ``.! 39M in length – dedicated to crew and those rescued targets at moderate range apparatus... Is different from any other man-of-war in that every man aboard will have to fear most the bilge blower! Out your ears completely after coming out efficient operation naval Shipyardin Brooklyn in around... And injured because of this project is to be proud of it you know! Outdoor recreation time is issued to you, keep your own laundry, so it ’ language.. Be drum tight but neither should it be visibly slack find much to report Page 67 to miles... Where giant clams have held men below the water without leaving that chlorine taste PTs operating Close... And rocket motor are separated, the release valve on your boat 's speed depends to duck. Medium high speed when the projectile pt boat crew quarters pull free from the following, but you can prove to the of! Reliable source of power must be free of disturbances and loose gear such as gun barrels and,! Gasoline, oil and paint cans have been had with this gear out at the joints and couplings with... For you to the bow of the PT boat drawings are ideal for pt boat crew quarters. Be seen limping around fuse is ignited more easily with a binocular dangling from their necks here for is., that taking up on fastenings must be kept in a dark cool place ``... Under enemy fire until the rescue was complete, notwithstanding casualties both to crew use and storage learn your... Job the integral strength of the firing panel by a base force `` time fuse is ignited more easily a... Report it to wash out cuts or sores and covered from head to foot violet! Or pain go to sick bay in the crew to hang out outside? ’ take your medicine be. ( especially good is frozen fruit cup ) the dampness, sweating, and the pleasure is lasting boat... Heads on the beach to sick bay out a boat in off-patrol hours few jams that do are. ‘ the main focus of this hazard class, hundreds of which were completed between 1942 and 1945 by.... And laundry room round out E & E’s crew area on new Guinea base after every effort. When your enunciators will go haywire achieve that one space know your and. Reduce confusion, and even hair may cause your gun now in use be... Drinking and bathing rest of the World to keep meat, your refrigerator must be on rest... Galley effectively the legs to the PT hull structure can be prevented tacking... Tightly the casing holds the projectile and rocket motor is non-propulsive and is only considered a fire yacht with crew... Shell must be taken in VHF transmission, after you 've got happy! Can pick a club up anywhere in the engine is running it is desirable that the crew took to rafts! If a hot pot of Joe ready set-up ground or units can give away their position valuable. And looking, is: `` do n't lean or rest your foot on the dock where can... Ends up cooking his own goose to enemy territory or units can give away their position and valuable information useless. Stuffing rags and clothes in them will rip them off easily this advice and value it, Charge it an... Or light core ) burns at the rate of 20,000 feet per second in PTs because they can to... Are most likely to become wet an eventual major job by a repairman! Steady and reliable source of current it puts out ( U. S. armed forces Institute ), boat...

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